Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Fun and Puppies!

We had gone to Tuacahn for my nieces birthday. We wanted to see Santa, but as we stood in line someone cam out and hung a sign that said: "Santa will not be able to be here tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience". So we took a picture as elves and headed over to the mall to try and catch the Santa there. We paid for the pictures there and when I get them out of the car ;) I will scan them in and post them.
We just walked around the mall and window shopped and ended up in Barnes and Noble and Jac loved the Thomas the Train set the had there. He even made and friend and she called him "Honey". It was really cute.

These are some pictures I was trying to take to send out. I didn't really get a great one of the two of them looking at the camera, but these are still great.

Below are pictures of my sisters puppies. They are so stinking cute and fun to play with! They are so tiny. Their mom is only 14 lbs and their dad is only 6 lbs.


Friday, December 10, 2010

The Fun Joys...

of being a parent. I love being a mom, I just don't necessarily like all the yucky stuff that comes with it. For instance, last week I was feeding Reese and I had to sit her down and go help Jac get something and I came back and it was like everything I had feed her was now out of her and on the pillow... and then last night Jac woke up around 2am and he threw up all over the bed... (I think that was my fault though... the olives that were on our Navajo tacos were probably to old... opps). There have just been lots of nasty little problems that I could honestly do without lately.
It's totally worth it though when Jac comes up and gives me a hug and tells me he loves me and when Reese gives me a big toothless grin, but I really could do without those nasty little surprises.

It's prunes

I need to buy stock in Spray and Wash :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I'm not very creative when it comes to naming my posts :) oh well at least you know what it's going to be about.
So yesterday was the triathlon that I have been looking forward to for the last year. I was pretty nervous/excited this last week and especially Friday night. I hadn't gotten a lot of sleep lately and I have had this cough and dry throat for the last 5 days and I kept telling myself that I was going to do this no matter what. A little side note is that about 5 years I was going to do a triathlon and I got sick the weekend I was going to do it, so I didn't end up going. So Saturday I got up, had everything ready, peed about 6 times then my sister Karlee and I headed over to Sand Hollow Aquatic Center. It was 40 degrees and there was frost on the grass. As we set up our transition spots we met another 1st time triathlete. As we got to talking about whether or not to take a towel in and what we were wearing to swim and race in a "more experienced" racer piped in to tell us that, (she had a little bit of a snooty air about her) "Us experienced triathletes do it in our bikinis and no, we don't use towels. It just wastes time". Thank you hard core size 0 girl.
We met up with my friend Jenny Julander and her son Jayson (who is 13yrs old) where we took our places in line. We got towards the back thinking that by the time we got to our swim the sun would be up a little more and it would be a little warmer. Considering it only was going to be 58 degrees that day I didn't think it would get to much warmer and I was right :)
The swim was good. I was nervous about whether to dive in or lower myself in. I dove and water got under my goggles, so I was trying to swim and mess with that, but it all worked out good. I swam my 8 laps in 10 min 21 seconds. I was a little wobbly getting out and so I chose not to run to my transition spot. My sister was there and so we left together and rode pretty much together the whole time. We really need to get us some road bikes though. These people were passing us by like we were walking! I watched and our feet would be in sync and they would go twice as fast it was crazy! The hills were killers. It was hard but doable. I am just glad they weren't bigger than they were. At one hill I had trouble with my shifting and that slowed me down a bit. I could get the chain to drop into place. I was happy with my time though. 55 min 24 seconds. When I git back to the transition spot, my legs were very wobbly! I was very happy I had a bike to support me! I grabbed my ipod shuffle and headed out. I was feeling really good and happy to have a beat. I run better with music. I really liked Angels and Airwaves, great beats. The run was great. My family was there and I passed them 4 times because we had to do the loop twice. It was a lot of fun. I like to run, but I am slow :) I have a very small stride, something I get to work on for next year :) My time was 32 min 37 seconds.
So my overall time with transitions was 1 hr 43 minutes. I am very happy with that time. My goal was around 1:40, but that didn't include transitions because I didn't know what to expect. Defiantly the hardest physical sport I've done, but I would do it again in a heartbeat! I have to say a BIG thank you to my husband who was so supportive during this whole thing. He was a champ. Most nights he would come home from work and I would hand him the kids and then leave. I love you Jer!

P.S. Jac a had a fever the for about 3 days and then Friday he broke out with a nasty looking rash so while we were in St. George I took him to the after hours clinic at Red Rock Peds Saturday night. He was a wild child. Loud and running around, moving furniture and even at one point I had to grab him before he attacked a kid for looking at the fishes in the fish tank. He hadn't had a nap that day :) not a good thing for him. He defiantly needs his sleep!
Come to find out he had Roseola. Nothing we can do, but let it run it's course. Good news is that now he is immune to it forever :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Tara!

Jac catching some sleep on the way down

I made the cake and it was as good as it looks!
Hi Dad!

She wouldn't let me put all the candles on the cake :(

My sister's birthday is tomorrow and for the past 3 or so years we have had a Karaoke/dance party for her. Singing is our gift to her she says. We always have a lot of fun, even if we all act like we don't really want to get up and sing. We are loud and laugh a lot!
This year Reese fell asleep before the singing started and I was concerned that we would wake her up, but she slept from like 7:30 to 11pm and didn't wake up once. She was exhausted! (We are getting her to sleep in her crib this weekend and that was the first day after her first night.) Jac had a ton of fun with his cousins, but was so tired, I guess the 20 minute nap on the way down in the car wasn't enough for him. He played hard, and has the marks on his face to prove it. He went diving in couch cushions and even missed a step going down the stairs and took a little tumble down the last 3.
I think we might have scared my brothers fiance though... they didn't stay to long. We danced for quite awhile and got some fun video that Jeremy says he's going to put on Youtube. It was a great night! Thanks Tara, for such a fun birthday gift to you!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun!

I was a little worried about this Halloween and how Jac would react to wearing a costume. About a week ago I tried to get him to try on two costumes and he very adamantly refused. He freaked out if we even got them near him. BUT Saturday we went to St. George and when he saw his cousins getting in their costumes and we told him he needed one to go trick or treating and he needed to go trick or treating to get candy, he agreed, still a little reluctantly though. That is until we got to the first house. He caught on very quickly and even told people what he was, showed them his tail and barked. At first he tried to go in a few houses, but soon he figured out that the next house would give him more candy and started telling people to "come on" if they took to long leaving a house. Sometimes he started yelling "trick or treat" before he even got to the door. It was a lot of fun going with him. Little Reese was a trooper and fell asleep in my arms after a little bit. Jac got lots of candy and we had to cut him off after he unwrapped 2 suckers and stuck them in his mouth at the same time!
We took lots of pictures. This year my dad (Pop pop) wasn't able to be with us, he got a job in Vernal and will be away for the next 2 1/2 months. We missed him and we hope he knows how much we love him!
It was a good weekend. Jeremy even got to go to the "Zombie walk" down the Boulevard in St. George. He said it was awesome.
I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Going ons

Last weekend was my younger brother, Rileys' wedding. It was a lot of fun. Of course whenever you get family and friends together for a celebration it usually is good times. I will post some pictures as soon I get them. Of course it was a long day for Jac and Reese, but I think that Jac had the harder time. He is always so excited to see his cousins and loves to follow them around and do what they do. At one point him and Lydia, who is 3, were twisting a two seater swing around and spinning in it. Well the momentum threw Jac from the swing and he landed with his face... on a rock. Poor little kid has a huge scab on his left cheek. When I took Reese to the doctors yesterday for her check up, Dr. Newman told him it was cool and that chicks dig scars :)
Speaking of the doctors, Reese is 13.7 pounds and 24.5 inches long. She is in the 50% for weight and 56% for height. So she is doing great! She got her second round of immunizations yesterday too. She is NOT a happy camper this morning. Jac got a flu shot yesterday too. It doesn't seem to bother him today though. Good thing too, I don't know what I would do with two sad kids today.
Jeremy is doing a fund raiser for a organization called Extra Life. It is this Saturday. It is to raise money for Primary Children's Medical Center. This is the hospital that fixed the hole in Jac's heart. I also have had some friends and family that have recently had their kids there. Jeremy has a goal of $1000. He currently has only raised $218. He is asking that people donate just $24. What he will be doing is a game-a-thon... Yep you read it right :) he will be playing video games for 24 hours straight ( I know real sacrifice huh :) But it is for a good cause and it anyone could donate, we would really appreciate it! This is the link to the donation page.
I am doing good. I am still getting up and "pushing play" every morning. I also started training for the triathlon last week. My bum is sore from the bike ride, but it is getting better :) I am excited and I am so grateful to everyone who has been encouraging and supportive. Well, I better go. Jac wants to go to play group.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weddings and Other Stuff

So my two younger brothers are getting married!!! Riley is getting married October 9th to Alli. Kade is getting married November 20th to Miki. I am very excited for both of them. However, I am having a difficult time finding dresses for both weddings. Alli and Riley want black dresses. You'd think that a black dress wouldn't be hard to find right? Well the problem I am running into is that they are all above the knee, strapless or really low in the front. Yesterday I ordered 3 dresses off this site and I really like the dresses, but I just hope one of them fits and looks good :) I am going to send the other 2 back, they were free shipping, so I really don't think I will be out any money.
Miki and Kade want light gray skirts with white tops and pale yellow cardigans... We also have to find Jeremy some light gray slacks... I need to take a trip to St. George and go shopping.
I like the idea of buying new clothes except for the fact that I am trying to loose weight and now I will have brand new dresses that will be to big... Maybe I can take them in later :)
I am still waking up to work out, which is sooo hard somedays. But I keep telling myself that it is worth it. Just keep pushing play!!! At the end of this week I will have been doing P90X for 4 weeks! It really has gone by pretty fast and I already have seen some good changes in my muscle strength (even though you can't see it:) and in my flexibility. Just keep pushing play.
The other day the kids and I were taking Jeremy to work because Jac had been sick and I wanted to take him to the doctors. Well we were hit by a guy and to make a long story short we now have a rental car. It's a brand new Impala. It's so nice and I am so freaked out that something is going to happen and we will have to pay for it. The lady wanted me to by the insurance on it, but it was like $12.99 and day and we might have it 4-7 days... I don't think so. I am just praying and praying that nothing happens. Jac keeps saying "Mom car, pretty." Yeah, I wish buddy ;)
Well I better go, Reese is letting me know she is not happy being ignored.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

P90X and The Smartest Dumb Dog I Know!

So, I haven't blogged about this for many reasons, but today Jeremy told me that I should... so I am :)
Jeremy was given some P90X dvd's and I have a friend who had told me about it before and loved the workouts and so I decided to give it a try. I am in the middle of my 3rd week out of 13 and so far I love it! I wake up every morning at 5:30am and workout... it's really great. Jeremy does his workouts at night, this way there is always someone with the kids and we don't have any interruptions.
Well, there is this exercise where you lay flat on your back with your legs spread straight out and you put one hand behind your head and take the other hand and hold it up towards the ceiling, then you sit straight up and cross over and touch the opposite toe with the hand. I have never been able to do this. I could do sit-ups in high school, but that was before two kids and a LONG time ago :) Well... today I did it. I didn't do all 25 reps, but I did a lot :) I am excited to keep going!

On another note...
Our dog Maya has figured out how to open our sliding glass door. See the door doesn't have a lock and so we have to put a bar down to lock it. The problem is that during the day we pick it up or Jac uses it as a sword... not fun. Well last night my sister brought a cookie over for me to try and I left it on the table. I was going to eat it after the kids were in bed. When I went back in the kitchen Maya was sitting in the middle of the floor and so I told her to go out and when I barred the door shut I noticed the cookie was gone (I didn't really need it, but it's the point of the matter). Then this morning, I noticed one of Reese's onesies outside and it was all chewed up... and just 15 minutes ago (as I was typing the first half of this blog) I heard a noise and so I got up and checked and she was on her way out the glass door... so I told her out and as she left I noticed something in her mouth so I followed her out and she had my bear that I got after my Grandma died (it was hers)... I am a little past mad now. Seriously what dog knows how to open a sliding glass door?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some Changes

Things are going good right now. The kids are doing great and we are doing well too.
Jeremy and I have decided to get rid of our cell phones to save some money. (The clutch in his car went out and it will be $500 to fix it! Having one car is not fun). We are kind of having a hard time saying goodbye to the freedom that a cell phone gives, but hey when you can save $80 a month then it makes it a little easier :) I will let everyone know what our new "home number" is when we get it. The bright side of all this is that we will be able to get the Internet at home which will help us keep in contact with people and Jeremy will hopefully be able to pick up some freelance work on the side. Which is how he justified getting our super nice computer with the tax returns this last year :)
We also recently got family pictures done by our very talented friend Noelle. they turned out great and we had a blast getting them done. I will post a few for you to see. If you would like to see more or check out her work go to
Well the kidlets are sleeping and I am going to go read for a few minutes :) because that's the only time I can.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Little Something About Everything

Someday I will have the Internet and I will be able to blog all the time. As it is I am at the mercy of my sister and her husband for the use of their laptop.
So I will sort of go through what we have been doing the last couple of months.
For the 4th of July we went down to Washington for the annual foot races and Jac won first place in his age group. In fact his cousins Eden, Isis and Lydia won first in all of their age groups too. It was a lot of fun, HOT, but fun. the Jac LOVES to play with his cousins.

Later in July we went to our McMullin Family reunion, which is always camping for a few days. The weather was nice and we just hung out playing card games, visiting and we even did a little fishing. Jac was so excited, we got him on video doing a little dance while he sang "Fishy fishy fishy". I wanted so bad for someone to catch a fish so that Jac could see one, but no one did... well Jeremy did about 15 minutes after Jac and I left. I learned how to play domino's and Jac had a blast getting dirty and wandering around outside. Jeremy got tons of mosquito bites and he and Jac slept in the tent while Reese and I got to sleep in the trailer.

A week after the reunion we had Reeses' blessing. We had a lot of friends and family come and we are so grateful to everyone who came to support our little family. A couple of days before Sunday, I thought I might try her dress on her ( I was feeling like playing dress up) and as soon as I got her dress on her she spit up all over it and I was so mad at myself because when I tried to wipe it off I put some snags on the dress. Thankfully you can't see them unless to get really close though.
We had the luncheon outside in our front yard which was great except for the uninvited flies. Although the kids had a great time trying to kill all of them.

I apologize for such a long post. I really don't have anything to do right now because yesterday I herniated a disk in my lower back. I laid on the floor for about an hour before Jeremy could get home to help me up. It's a good thing Jac could get my phone from the other room when I asked. I was getting Reese out of her swing when it happened. Thankfully I was able to get her to the couch before I fell to the floor. Then I just pulled her down with me.
I'm so thankful to my parents. My dad came up yesterday and watched the kids while I went to the doctors and my mom came up today to help me while Jeremy finished working on the things he has to get done for work on Monday.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

2 Years Old!!!

I can't believe that Jac just turned two yesterday! Just having Reese a few days ago made me think back to his birth and it seriously seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital! I sat down and looked through his pictures last night and I wanted to share some of them with you all.
He is such an amazing person. He keeps us on our toes :) So sweet and loving, yet in the blink of an eye he can be up to no good. He is repeating everything we say and loves to watch Toy Story and Cars and LOVES to give his little sister kisses... hard kisses. We have to keep a very close eye on him :)
Happy Birthday Toad, We love you!!!

Our Family

Our Family