Monday, April 18, 2011

Thank Goodness for Family

For a little while now my car has been shaking and I just thought it was my car being dumb. Well last Friday I was heading down to Hurricane/St. George and it was so bad, I thought my car was falling apart! So I called my Dad who was working in Hurricane and had him take a look at my tires. Just looking at them, they didn't look to bad, but he told me to go see a guy at a shop there in town. Luckily my sister Tara lives in town and was home. I was able to drop my kids off while I took the car in. The guy took it on a test drive and then they put it up on the lift. He asked me if I wanted to come take a look, which I thought was weird. I've never been asked to go out like that before. The rear tires on the out side looked fine, but on the inside where it was harder to see they were COMPLETELY bald. The wires were showing and it was worn down as low as they could go without blowing. In fact the guy said we were really lucky they didn't. So I bought 2 new tires and he told me I would need an alignment. I had to go to St. George to get that done though and my mom was able to watch the kids then. $290 dollars later I have a safe car :) I am grateful that I have family close and that they were willing to watch my kiddos while I did that. I had no idea my car was that unsafe and I didn't have to try and entertain them while in a tire store. That would not have been fun at all! So thank you Tara and Mom who made spending that much money on my car a lot less painful!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wholesale Prices and Income!!!

I don't if you all know, but in January I started my own Mary Kay business. Jeremy's job is great and he loves what he does, but money was tight. Jeremy needed to go back to school and between that and a full time job, there just wasn't the time for him work a second job. My fear was that I would have to put my kids in day care or drop them off at someone's house for the best part of their day. So I started praying that something would present itself. A friend of mine had been invited to receive and free facial and didn't want to go alone so I said I would go with her. We went to a business center and the name on the door was Pink Success. I thought that was kind of cheesy, but oh well, I was there for the free facial. As we followed the steps of skin care that were being taught they encouraged us to ask questions. People started talking about free cars, crazy income and flexible schedules where you could work from home. Needless to say my ears perked up. I got some business information and went home to talk to Jeremy. As I looked through everything I got more and more excited, but I also was nervous. I am not a "salesman" I am not the type of person to get out of my comfort zone willingly. But I just kept thinking how I had been praying for something and here was a big something. Jeremy looked over everything with me and encouraged me to try. It was $100 to start... that really is ALOT of money when you don't have any :) but we found it. The lady that recruited me is a Director in the company and has been my mentor. She has walked me through everything and answered so many questions, I have her on speed dial. I was afraid that I would fail because I didn't know what to do, but as she says, "I am willing to help you as much as you will let me". I hope she doesn't regret that :)
I am becoming more and more comfortable with holding skin care classes and it really is a lot of fun. I make great money and I am only away from my kids 1-2 hours at a time. I have recently decided to start building a team. This would be a group of women that want to do what I do and we would work towards goals and support each other in our businesses. I would help them and coach them just as I have been. The great part is the company is having an amazing deal for April only. You can start your (click here) own business for only $50!!! You will receive a starter kit, (worth over $400) everything you need to start making money that day! Plus you will receive product at wholesale for your own personal use. Really if you think about it logically, even if you did it and decided it wasn't for you, you'd come out on top. I am inviting anyone who even thinks they might be interested or just has questions to please contact me. Or if you know someone who might be interested to give them my number (435-865-0676). Or if you just want a free facial, I am in a contest with myself to see if I can facial 30 people in 30 days. Or you can look through a (click here) catalog and order what you want!

Our Family

Our Family