Monday, February 22, 2010

Still a girl !!!

This is what the ultrasound tech typed on the picture today when we went in. Boy would I have been shocked if she had morphed into something else... Jeremy probably would have jumped for joy and shouted "We are so naming her Optimis Prime!"

Warning: This is long.

We really did have an adventure today though. See a month ago when my doctors office set up this appointment she told me it was in St. George at the old hospital and that I needed to enter from the front. I asked if it was where you got x-rays and she said yes.
Well today we went to what used to be the front of the old hospital and it is now a Child Development center and they told us to go around to the old ER entrance. So we went through there and down to x-rays and we told the lady there that we had an appointment with Dr. Gonzalez and she looked in her computer and told us that she did not have an appointment for us...
So I called my doctors office and they said that they had scheduled it and then the lady in x-rays asked if it was for a prenatal ultrasound looking for a defect. WE said yes and she told us that we were in the wrong place. We needed to go down the hall, take a left then a slight right and go up the stairs and then to our right again and then we would come to some doors. So Jeremy and I went down the hall and when we took the left and got to the end of the hall there was a door to our right, but it was locked. We asked another person and she didn't know where we were talking about so we all went back to x-rays ( I want to add that I had a very full bladder and I was NOT happy with all the walking around) and asked the lady and she said... "Did you go outside?" NO! Nobody said anything about going outside. Don't you think that would have been an important thing to say when giving directions? So we went outside and up the stairs to the right... Why didn't anybody just say "Go to the labor and delivery entrance" I know where that is!!!
So we finally get there and the receptionist hands me a piece of paper and asks me to cross out anything that is wrong.
Well, the middle name is wrong, the address is wrong, the SS# is wrong and so I glance down and nothing is right. I told the lady and she looks ant me and says "What's your name?"
"Lacie P. Christensen"
"Not Lacie K Christensen?"
"When is your Birthday?"
"Not 11/17/81?"
"Hmm, we have the wrong Lacie"
Yeah, ya think. Didn't they trust me when I said "this isn't me"?
Well, then we sat out in the waiting room for 20 minutes and finally I couldn't take it anymore. I went in and asked if I need a full bladder for this ultrasound and the lady said no. WHY would my doctors office tell me I needed one? I just turned around and went to the lady's room where I stayed for quite awhile. When I came out Jeremy was waiting for me, they had called my name.
Honestly though I would have been glad to wait longer I was in such a better mood.
Everything went great after that. the tech was awesome and took lots of picture and we got to see her open her mouth and it was confirmed she was still a girl :) the Dr. took tons of pictures of her heart and said from what he saw everything looked perfect! Such a relief. I have been so worried the last couple of weeks. It is such anamazing thing to see the heart beat of my baby. To see the blood flowing perfectly. Life is so amazing.

Here are some pictures for my previous post:


My little persistant son has blue toenails. Saturday evening Jeremy, Jac and I were hanging out just playing in our bedroom on the floor. When he stops suddenly and starts reaching for someting that is under the desk. He worked for quite awhile trying to get this object of his desire and when he showed me, he was so proud of what he had found. It was some shiney electric blue fingernail polish. "Mom mom mom" as he hands me the polish, sits down and points to his toes. I asked him if he wanted me to paint them and he says "toes".
"No" I said "you don't want you toes painted". Well that was the wrong thing to say because he just got louder and a little bit upset. "Toes!". So I painted his toes :) He was so happy. The rest of the night as he was doing stuff he would stop every once in awhile and look at them.
We call them Superman blue toes :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Here is a picture at our 20 week ultrasound. I tried to upload a video, but it wasn't working. We still don't have a name for this little girl, I know I have plenty of time, I just feel kinda bad that we had Jac's the day we found out we were expecting and this poor little one probably won't get one till we are almost ready to go home from the hospital.
The following was something that I typed as I waited for the video to upload ( I waited for 3 Hours!) Just some frustrating and cute things Jac has done.

Lets start with frustrating:)
About a week ago, I was cleaning the kitchen and I could hear Jac in his room banging something and when I went in I found him sitting in the middle of the floor with his sippy cup upside down and hitting it on this wooden puzzle board. Well when he does this, it releases the milk that is inside the cup and now the board is filled with milk. When he sees me, he drops the cup and picks up the board of milk which is then dumped onto the carpet. He quickly jumps up and starts running around saying "Bad bad bad."
I seriously just stood there for a second or two. I was so mad that I picked him up and put him in his crib and turned on a movie while I went to look for the shop vac so that I could clean it up before it soaked in to much and his room smelled like sour milk. it turned into this huge thing where I had to carry the vac up the staires and then clean it out and remove the filter. Then I had to dump water on the carpet and suck it out several times.
When I was done I let him stay in his crib while I finished cleaning the kitchen and then by the time I was all done I wasn't mad anymore. I went in to get him and when I picked him up he put his head on my shoulder and patted my back then gave me a kiss. How can something so destructive be so sweet?

Oh and one last thing. So Jeremy was given this 3foot Superman sometime before we got married and now it is in Jac's room standing against the wall. Jac just calls him "Man". Well yesterday I was in my room putting things in a bag so that Jac and I could go to St. George and I stopped to look in on him in his room because I hadn't heard from him in awhile. Well he was over by this Superman just looking at him and touching his head and pointing to his eyes and then he leaned in a gave him a hug. He even gave him the little pat on the back while he was hugging him. It was so cute! I took a picture, but Jeremy has the camera, so when I get it I will post a picture.

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