Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shovels and Staples

Monday nights I have a meeting and the kids love it because they get to spend time with their dad. I usually come home and Reese is in bed and Jac is going down. This Monday though I walked in the house and Jac runs up to me and says: "Mom, I hit Reese with a shovel!" And just to make sure I heard him right I said "What?" Again, " I hit Reese with a shovel." Then I heard jeremy from the other room call my name. So I go in there expecting to see a red mark or a bump... You see Jac as a plastic shovel he got for his birthday that he plays with. My mind breifly thought of the little metal gardening shovel with the serrated teeth on one side and the pointy tip, that he was playing with earlier that day, but I remembered putting that up. When I went in Reese was just sitting on Jer's lap and watching a movie, she turned and smiled. Okay, so it wasn't that bad. Then Jeremy told me what happened.
They were all outside and playing on the swing set and Jac had the little gardening shovel (crap). Well, apparently he didn't want to play with it anymore and so (like the extremist that he is) he threw it behind him to get rid of it. Well, Reese just happened to be there. Jeremy said Jac was really upset and scared that he had hit his sister. He said that Reese was easily calmed and didn't even cry when he cleaned up the blood (which he said there wasn't a lot of).
So I picked her up and looked at her face and then I saw just behind her right ear there was a small hole that was oozing blood. When I asked why he didn't call me, he said that it wasn't that serious... Well I don't know about daddies, but when a mommies baby has a half inch hole in their head that is bleeding that is serious. Serious enough to be called out of a meeting.
So I scooped her up and we went to the ER. She was perfectly fine the whole time. They did need to shave her head :( , but The only time she cried was when they numbed the area with a shot and when they actually put the staples in (they did one and the Doc didn't like how it went in so they took it out and put two more in). Everyone was pretty amazed that she immediately stopped crying when I picked her up. They kept telling her what a tough little girl she was. When we got home she went right to sleep. Around 2am she did wake up and I think all the stress and trauma cought up with her and she had quite the screaming session, but Jer' gave her a blessing and she soon fell back to sleep.
She has been doing great ever since. We can't wash her hair yet though and we keep a double antibiotic on it so she has some pretty greasy hair, but she is all smiles.
Thanks for all your love and concern.

On another note, we got a puppy. He is a Boarder Collie mix. We named him Sawyer (yes it's a LOST name) and he is a really sweet little guy. He is almost house trained, we have had 3 or 4 accidents, but for the most part he goes to the door. Maya doesn't like him to much so we need to keep him in the house till he gets a little bigger.

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