Monday, January 16, 2012

A Little Catch Up

December really flew by and January is doing the same.  I wanted to blog something before February came :)  We had a wonderful Christmas.  We had the opportunity to have my a friend come and spend Christmas weekend with us.  His name is Andrew and I had the privilege to teach him the missionary discussions in South Carolina years ago.  It was so much fun to see him.  He really has embraced the Gospel and it's so good to see how his life has been blessed.  I will admit though that sometimes it's hard for me to remember he is an adult :)  When we taught him he was 15 and then I saw him again at 17.  Anyway, it was so much fun to have him with us.
Christmas Eve, my dad had hooked up his trailer to his truck and got some hay bales and hung lights around and we got my sister Karlee's violin, Kade's cello, neice Eden's violin and a keyboard for me to play and we went around the neighborhood caroling.  It was really cold, but we had so much fun. 
Christmas morning was so nice. Jac had been asking for a Lightening McQueen car (this will make #5 for Lightening).  His Pop Pop had gotten him a train set too.  So we set the cars on the couch and the train set down in front, as he came up the stairs he was so excited and when he walked up he just saw the train and his face fell a little, " I wanted Lightening McQueen, not a train!" When we showed him the car, he got really excited and said " Oh, yay, Lightening McQueen and a train.  That's good."  I was glad that he wasn't to disappointed he got the train set ;)  Reese got a baby doll and although she doesn't carry it around non stop, every once in awhile she does play with her and gives her hugs and kisses.  It was a beautiful day that we got to spend with our family.   

 A pictures we made.  Jac and Reese did the antlers all by their selves.
 Jac and Eden got Andrew to rack the leaves into a pile at the bottom of the deck and then jumped off into them.
 Andrew was so fun to have with us and was such a good sport with the kids.  Everyone wanted to play with him.
 We kept the babies in the back.  It's always good to confine Reese, especially when a moving truck is involved

The grandkids (minus Myrrhin, She didn't want to be bothered :)  in the pj's Nana made for them.  Notice how we had to roll the bottom of Reese's... I think Nana thought she was 6 :)

I love the holidays and love being home in St. George with family,
but it is really nice to sleep in my own bed :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful new year and I will tray to be better at this ;)

Our Family

Our Family