Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Wow, it seems like forever since I have blogged :)
Last weekend was Thanksgiving and we went up North to visit with Jeremy's family.  We left Wednesday night and stayed till Sunday evening.  We really had a great time and it was so fun to see everyone.  We stayed with Josh and Emily and their two adorable boys, Porter and Lincoln.  Jac and Porter are 6 mo apart and Lincoln and Reese are 2 mo apart.  They all played really cute together and as we were driving away Jac said: " Mom, I really like Porter, he's a nice little boy." 
Thursday we did a little shopping and got some great deals.  We had a wonderful dinner, Emily did such a great job on the turkey.  I have never cooked a turkey and to be honest it intimidates me a little bit.  It was awesome though and I might try it sometime, she gave me some great pointers :) 
 This is a pumpkin that Reese painted.  She had just as much paint on her!
 Jac and Porter Reading with Aunt Brandi.
 Uncle Colton fighting the boys.
 The FORT, not a tent as we were corrected. 

 These two were hilarious to watch. 
 Emily and I watching gross stuff on Youtube.
 Brandi and Emily's after pictures.  The both tired new colors.
 Dad and Reese on TRAX.  yes, she is picking her nose :)
 It was so cold, but you wouldn't have been able to tell watching these two.  They didn't complain at all.

 I have never seen this in the middle of the lake, it was beautiful. 

 This is a picture of my friend Polly's kids and mine. So fun to see them!
Lincoln, Porter, Jac and Reese

Friday Emily and I went out shopping and the Dads and kids made a fort.  I got to do some fun facials with Brandi and Emily.  We also went to 1300 south and hopped on TRAX and went to Temple Square to see all the amazing lights!  I want to see a documentary/tutorial on how they do the Christmas lights at Temple Square.  Wouldn't that be an awesome thing?  It is SO beautiful, if you are up that way make sure you go see that!  the kids had so much fun and we got some great pictures!  It was neat to tell Jac the Nativity story as we were there, and let him see all the different nativities from around the world. It was crowded, but even with all the people the spirit was so strong.  Reese had a hard time leaving.  She screamed (like she was dying) as we left and almost all the way back to 13th... Poor people on TRAX.  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shovels and Staples

Monday nights I have a meeting and the kids love it because they get to spend time with their dad. I usually come home and Reese is in bed and Jac is going down. This Monday though I walked in the house and Jac runs up to me and says: "Mom, I hit Reese with a shovel!" And just to make sure I heard him right I said "What?" Again, " I hit Reese with a shovel." Then I heard jeremy from the other room call my name. So I go in there expecting to see a red mark or a bump... You see Jac as a plastic shovel he got for his birthday that he plays with. My mind breifly thought of the little metal gardening shovel with the serrated teeth on one side and the pointy tip, that he was playing with earlier that day, but I remembered putting that up. When I went in Reese was just sitting on Jer's lap and watching a movie, she turned and smiled. Okay, so it wasn't that bad. Then Jeremy told me what happened.
They were all outside and playing on the swing set and Jac had the little gardening shovel (crap). Well, apparently he didn't want to play with it anymore and so (like the extremist that he is) he threw it behind him to get rid of it. Well, Reese just happened to be there. Jeremy said Jac was really upset and scared that he had hit his sister. He said that Reese was easily calmed and didn't even cry when he cleaned up the blood (which he said there wasn't a lot of).
So I picked her up and looked at her face and then I saw just behind her right ear there was a small hole that was oozing blood. When I asked why he didn't call me, he said that it wasn't that serious... Well I don't know about daddies, but when a mommies baby has a half inch hole in their head that is bleeding that is serious. Serious enough to be called out of a meeting.
So I scooped her up and we went to the ER. She was perfectly fine the whole time. They did need to shave her head :( , but The only time she cried was when they numbed the area with a shot and when they actually put the staples in (they did one and the Doc didn't like how it went in so they took it out and put two more in). Everyone was pretty amazed that she immediately stopped crying when I picked her up. They kept telling her what a tough little girl she was. When we got home she went right to sleep. Around 2am she did wake up and I think all the stress and trauma cought up with her and she had quite the screaming session, but Jer' gave her a blessing and she soon fell back to sleep.
She has been doing great ever since. We can't wash her hair yet though and we keep a double antibiotic on it so she has some pretty greasy hair, but she is all smiles.
Thanks for all your love and concern.

On another note, we got a puppy. He is a Boarder Collie mix. We named him Sawyer (yes it's a LOST name) and he is a really sweet little guy. He is almost house trained, we have had 3 or 4 accidents, but for the most part he goes to the door. Maya doesn't like him to much so we need to keep him in the house till he gets a little bigger.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Just A Little Thought

Somethings happened recently that have really made me stop and think about how the Lord is really mindful of our situation... I don't want to sound vague, but I don't want to say a lot right now either because I am not quite sure about some stuff. I just want to put it out there that I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows what we need sometimes even before we do. I know that sometimes in this life we are given difficult situations and put in circumstances that we never dreamed of, but I know that if we are patient and if we strive to do the best we can that all will be made right. Not necessarily in the way we think it should be, but it will be okay. I think the important thing for me to remember is that sometimes there are reasons for things that I can't comprehend and if I will follow Him and put my trust in Him then I will be okay. But I can't expect the Lord to give me what I want if I am not willing to do what he asks.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Texas and MK

Last Monday I left with some ladies around 9pm. We were headed to Texas and I really had no idea what to expect. I knew I was going to a seminar for Mary Kay, but I was not expecting what I got. We had a 20 HOUR drive to Dallas. This was a great drive, I had so much fun getting to know the 4 other ladies I was with. When we got there it was about 6pm Texas time the next day and we were able to relax in the pool and spa for awhile. We also played a little "Hands up Stands up". Lots of fun, but I was forbidden to post any pictures :) Dallas was humid and hot, luckily our hotel was only 2 blocks away from the convention center. I absolutely loved what I learned in those few days. I am really excited and very thankful to be working with a company that was not only founded on the Golden Rule, but preaches that we run our business that way. They open their meetings with a prayer and are are so quick to remember that it is through God that our blessings come. WOW. I was blown away by the "Go Give" attitude that everyone shared and the positive attitudes of everyone I met. I hope this doesn't sound like a recruitment blog, I just honestly didn't expect a company to be this awesome. during the time that we were there they raised over 40 million dollars to fund against domestic violence and research in women's cancers and that was just one seminar. There are 4 more after we left. Also the potential that I saw to be able to move up in Mary Kay was awesome and it is up to me where and how high I want to go. Yay!
Anyway, I had a blast and have set some goals for this coming year. click on the collage above and see what I am working towards now. Hello Mustang :) but of course I will take the Pink Caddy if I hit that!
There is a cute pic of Jer and the kids in there too. I took that right before I left so that I could look at it all week. love, love, love them and am so thankful for their support.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Turning 3 and 2 parties in 1!

Saturday Jac turned 3. He is growing up so fast! I love this little boy so much. He is such a big helper and loves to play with his sister. He is loves super heros, Thomas the Train, Buzz and Woody. He loves to be read to and even knows parts of the books and tells us what it says. Being outside and playing with his cars is one of his favorite activities. He gives the biggest hugs and the best kisses. Happy Birthday Love!

We had Jac and Reese's party on the same day. We had rented a bounce house, but typical to Enoch/Cedar weather it was windy. To windy to put it up. So we brought some kites and let the kids fly kites and play on the play ground. I was sad that the wind was so bad. I don't think the kids noticed, but I could tell it wasn't as enjoyable for the adults.
We had a great party. Lots of family and friends, and really that was the best part. I felt kind of bad though that I didn't get to visit with everyone. Some just had to leave early. It really was a great day and I want to thank everyone who came and helped us celebrate! And a big thank you to my friends husband for taking pictures, or we wouldn't have any!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Reesey Piecey!!!

Today is Reese's Birthday. I seriously can't believe how fast time have flown by this last year! Some of the great things that she can do are:
Play Patty-Cake, sing, bark with the doggies, play with Jac, walk around (with the help of stationary objects), climb on things, give kisses, play with Daddy, eat anything she can find and so many more things. She is the happiest little girl I know. I love her so much!!! Happy Birthday Dolly!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

11 Months

My sister asked me the other day: "So Lacie, which of your kids do you love more?" I just looked at her and told her that was an impossible question. That's like asking me "Hey, which do you like more, your heart or your lungs?" Stupid question. I know she was just kidding, but I have been thinking a lot about my kids lately. I honestly don't know what I would do without them. Jac has taught me SO much. About me, about being a mom, about patience, the power of prayer and the list could go on and on. I remember being pregnant with him and I had this fear that something would happen and I would lose him. When I was pregnant with Reese the fear changed. I knew I could have a baby because I had done it once before. With her I feared that I wouldn't be able to love her as much as I loved Jac. I remember thinking, "How can I love another person this much?" Sunday was her 11 month mark. I am amazed that such a tiny little girl can bring so much joy and laughter. I think one of my favorite things is to sit and watch her and Jac interact. He makes her laugh and she makes him laugh and sometimes they will sit for 20 minutes just making each other laugh. It's awesome. I honestly can't imagine not having the two of them. It has been hard and I have had many tear filled days, but the good happy times far out weigh them. These past 11 months have truly been the best, not because we haven't had trials or heartaches, but because I have Jeremy and Jac and Reese. They make me want to step up and be better. They give me that purpose I remember searching for when I was younger and felt lost. I don't mean for this to be a bragging blog, but I have just had this on my mind for awhile and wanted to document my feelings (because someday I am going to turn this into a scrapbook).

Monday, April 18, 2011

Thank Goodness for Family

For a little while now my car has been shaking and I just thought it was my car being dumb. Well last Friday I was heading down to Hurricane/St. George and it was so bad, I thought my car was falling apart! So I called my Dad who was working in Hurricane and had him take a look at my tires. Just looking at them, they didn't look to bad, but he told me to go see a guy at a shop there in town. Luckily my sister Tara lives in town and was home. I was able to drop my kids off while I took the car in. The guy took it on a test drive and then they put it up on the lift. He asked me if I wanted to come take a look, which I thought was weird. I've never been asked to go out like that before. The rear tires on the out side looked fine, but on the inside where it was harder to see they were COMPLETELY bald. The wires were showing and it was worn down as low as they could go without blowing. In fact the guy said we were really lucky they didn't. So I bought 2 new tires and he told me I would need an alignment. I had to go to St. George to get that done though and my mom was able to watch the kids then. $290 dollars later I have a safe car :) I am grateful that I have family close and that they were willing to watch my kiddos while I did that. I had no idea my car was that unsafe and I didn't have to try and entertain them while in a tire store. That would not have been fun at all! So thank you Tara and Mom who made spending that much money on my car a lot less painful!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wholesale Prices and Income!!!

I don't if you all know, but in January I started my own Mary Kay business. Jeremy's job is great and he loves what he does, but money was tight. Jeremy needed to go back to school and between that and a full time job, there just wasn't the time for him work a second job. My fear was that I would have to put my kids in day care or drop them off at someone's house for the best part of their day. So I started praying that something would present itself. A friend of mine had been invited to receive and free facial and didn't want to go alone so I said I would go with her. We went to a business center and the name on the door was Pink Success. I thought that was kind of cheesy, but oh well, I was there for the free facial. As we followed the steps of skin care that were being taught they encouraged us to ask questions. People started talking about free cars, crazy income and flexible schedules where you could work from home. Needless to say my ears perked up. I got some business information and went home to talk to Jeremy. As I looked through everything I got more and more excited, but I also was nervous. I am not a "salesman" I am not the type of person to get out of my comfort zone willingly. But I just kept thinking how I had been praying for something and here was a big something. Jeremy looked over everything with me and encouraged me to try. It was $100 to start... that really is ALOT of money when you don't have any :) but we found it. The lady that recruited me is a Director in the company and has been my mentor. She has walked me through everything and answered so many questions, I have her on speed dial. I was afraid that I would fail because I didn't know what to do, but as she says, "I am willing to help you as much as you will let me". I hope she doesn't regret that :)
I am becoming more and more comfortable with holding skin care classes and it really is a lot of fun. I make great money and I am only away from my kids 1-2 hours at a time. I have recently decided to start building a team. This would be a group of women that want to do what I do and we would work towards goals and support each other in our businesses. I would help them and coach them just as I have been. The great part is the company is having an amazing deal for April only. You can start your (click here) own business for only $50!!! You will receive a starter kit, (worth over $400) everything you need to start making money that day! Plus you will receive product at wholesale for your own personal use. Really if you think about it logically, even if you did it and decided it wasn't for you, you'd come out on top. I am inviting anyone who even thinks they might be interested or just has questions to please contact me. Or if you know someone who might be interested to give them my number (435-865-0676). Or if you just want a free facial, I am in a contest with myself to see if I can facial 30 people in 30 days. Or you can look through a (click here) catalog and order what you want!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Four Years and Still Happy!

Today is our fourth anniversary. I am so happy I made the decision to marry Jeremy. Before him, the longest I had had a boyfriend was 2 weeks. Things just always would go wrong or feel off. Jeremy and I met for the first time in August 2002. We both were headed to South Carolina on our missions. We were in the same transfer group. I remember meeting him briefly and we have a picture of our group where we are standing next to one another, but I never saw him again in the mission field after that first day. I got home in February 2004. I moved to SLC and went to the U. In the summer of 2006 some friends and I moved to Murray and we started going to a singles ward in the area. That first Sunday my roommates and I were sitting in Sacrament meeting and one of my roomies (who was a mission comp.) pointed up to the stand and said that the ward clerk was Elder Christensen form the mission. He didn't look familiar to me and then she told me we had gone out in the same transfer group. So when we got home that day we looked at mission pics and then I remembered him. Another roomy thought he was cute so I started inviting him to hang out and we became friends. We started dating in October and things were awesome. We got engaged in December and were married March 16 2007. The rest is history :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

9 months!

Yesterday was Reese's 9 month birthday. I can't believe that she has been with us as long as I was pregnant with her. The last 9 months definitely have gone by faster than the first :) She has been such a joy to have. She is so sweet and cuddly. Such a happy little girl. She does however let her brother know when he is a little to much. She even "yells" a little when he takes her toys ;) she loves to be sung to, play "Patty Cake", crawl, roll around, play with anything that makes noise, eat paper (I have to really keep everything off the floor), splash in the bath tub, watch Jac and "talk". She is usually gabbering away and blowing raspberries.
Love you Reesey Piecey!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth :)

It's a long one :)
Our journey began Saturday, February 12th. We dropped Maya (our dog) off at my parents and headed to Las Vegas. We stayed with my good friend Jenni Prue. Jenni P and I were mission companions and then later roommates for years. At one time we worked together, lived together and played together and I can honestly say that I never got sick of her. Needless to say our relationship has been changed since getting married. It was SO fun to catch up with her. I gave her a little taste of what two kids are like :)
We left for Disneyland Sunday morning and got to our hotel around 3pm. We checked in without any problems. When we finally got to the park ( I got a little turned around and it cost us some time) and up to the ticket counter the guy said they didn't have any tickets reserved for us. I did my best to stay calm, but I was very upset. The agency we had used to book everything was closed and wasn't any help. After standing in line again, having his manager take a look for us and being referred to the customer service counter (which was closing and we were lucky they let us in) They finally found out why the guy at the counter couldn't find our tickets. My name had been spelled Christenesn... They thanked me for my patience and apologized... The guy will be receiving training no how to do half name searches :)
When we got in Jeremy's friends Elizabeth and Josh were there to be our guides :) They met when they were both working at DisneyWorld and got married. They live here in Cedar, but they have season passes for Disneyland and go as much as they can. They know so much about the park and how to get the most out of your time. We headed to Mickey's house where Jac was able to be "let off his leash"... literally. We bought him one of those animal backpacks that have a leash as a tail. LOVED IT! At one point Jeremy had to go get him back because he had made his way to the front of the line to see Mickey. He was so excited. So it was funny when he got into see him and turned shy :) We got a picture and he did give Micky "rocks" and a hug before we left. We played around Toon Town and did Small World, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Indiana Jones, Jungle Cruise and took the Train all in one night. We also got to see Fantasmic that night. Elizabeth and Josh had gotten us fast passes that day and watched our kids while we rode the bigger rides. I was sad that the dragon wasn't working that night for Fantasmic though.
The next Day was so busy! First off, we wanted to get there before rope drop, but when we woke up and looked the the clock and it said 8:00am... we didn't think it would happen. So we hurried and showered, got dressed and packed the bag (the night before I didn't pack very smart, I forgot the baby carrier, snacks,water and Reese's binkey. I had to buy one at the park and it wasn't one she really liked). When we got out the door Jer texted Elizabeth to tell her we were running late, she replied with a confused response. He looked at the phone and it read 8:04am... what a fortuitous mistake! We made it in plenty of time and hit tons of rides in Disney land and then made our way to California Adventure. We got to see Woody and a solder, but two people away from meeting him he has to go and Jessie came out. Good, but we wish we could have met him. We went on so many rides that I don't want to name them all, look at the map though :) Our friends had to leave that afternoon, and we were sad to see them go. They were such a big help in making the most our of our time there. That night we had tickets to see World of Color, which is a light and water show put on in the lake in California Adventure. It was amazing! I was video recording it and half of the way through the camera turned off and I thought the battery had died so I handed it to Jeremy and he turned it off and then back on and continued recording... I got to thinking and when we were back at the hotel I checked... yep, I had just not pushed the record button and the "battery saving feature" kicked in and turned it off. Opps! So the next day we went and recorded it again. Unfortunately we couldn't get tickets so we had to sit on the other side of the park and film it from the back. It was still cool, but I feel really silly for standing there for a half hour holding a camera up for nothing.
Our third day was a little more slow paced. It was nice. We met up with Jeremy's cousin Jessica and her two little boys, William and Levi. Will and Jac are a month apart and it was fun to get them together. We went on Autopia with the boys while Jess watched the babies (Reese and Levi are 2 months apart). The boys had so much fun driving the cars. Jeremy and Jac built Light Sabors for their souvenirs and I got Reese a princess charm bracelet that she can add to. We did a few rides and saw lots of Characters. It was so much fun to watch Jac's face as we came upon new characters and he got to got up and meet them. I would trade our trip for anything. With Jeremy starting back to school most nights we don't see him till after 8:30pm and then it's time for kids to go to bed. It was just what we needed.
I know this was long, so if you stuck through it :) Thanks!!!

Our Family

Our Family