Monday, June 13, 2011

Turning 3 and 2 parties in 1!

Saturday Jac turned 3. He is growing up so fast! I love this little boy so much. He is such a big helper and loves to play with his sister. He is loves super heros, Thomas the Train, Buzz and Woody. He loves to be read to and even knows parts of the books and tells us what it says. Being outside and playing with his cars is one of his favorite activities. He gives the biggest hugs and the best kisses. Happy Birthday Love!

We had Jac and Reese's party on the same day. We had rented a bounce house, but typical to Enoch/Cedar weather it was windy. To windy to put it up. So we brought some kites and let the kids fly kites and play on the play ground. I was sad that the wind was so bad. I don't think the kids noticed, but I could tell it wasn't as enjoyable for the adults.
We had a great party. Lots of family and friends, and really that was the best part. I felt kind of bad though that I didn't get to visit with everyone. Some just had to leave early. It really was a great day and I want to thank everyone who came and helped us celebrate! And a big thank you to my friends husband for taking pictures, or we wouldn't have any!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Reesey Piecey!!!

Today is Reese's Birthday. I seriously can't believe how fast time have flown by this last year! Some of the great things that she can do are:
Play Patty-Cake, sing, bark with the doggies, play with Jac, walk around (with the help of stationary objects), climb on things, give kisses, play with Daddy, eat anything she can find and so many more things. She is the happiest little girl I know. I love her so much!!! Happy Birthday Dolly!!!

Our Family

Our Family