Thursday, February 9, 2012

Having a Blast...

Actually, Jeremy did.  He has had kidney stones for a few months now and because of some blood issues it has taken him a long to to finally be able to get them taken care of.  He had two stones, one was almost a 9mm and one was a 6mm.  Considering that the, um "passageway" is only 4mm they were huge!  We went to the hospital today at 9am and he had a procedure called Lithotripsy.  Basically he lays on a waterbed and they send sonic waves through it to blast them apart.  The doctor said he would probably have bruising on his back and that it was normal.  All I can say is "Wow, they must have hit hard to cause bruising".  He is doing great though and has some good pain killers if he needs them :)
Jac has been doing great this week.  He is finally over his turn with sickness and it is Reese's turn (yay...not)  She has been throwing up, but we have some medicine that helps and she seems to be doing better...
Last night was quite the adventure.  I had taken the kids with me to Milford (even though Reese didn't feel so good) to pick up a good friend.  She had agreed to come stay the night and stay with the kids so that I could be with Jeremy today at the hospital.  I had made dinner and we were just sitting down when Reese "got sick" all down the front of her.  After cleaning her up and her seat, Jac informed me that he could not eat what we were having because he "can't like it" (seriously what kids doesn't like tater tot casserole?) .  I put on some water to boil to make soup for Reese because I was not feeding her the casserole and she started throwing her plate and fork around and Jac was not whining loudly.  I got the soup made and the phone was ringing...  (several things started happening here to where I got to the point that I was a little frazzled) So much so that when my son came up to me and showed me his finger with a little red line on it, I quickly told him it was just punch.  I wiped it off with my finger and stuck it in my mouth to show it wouldn't hurt him.  As soon as I do this the little red line reappeared... "Awesome, I just ate my kids blood..."  My friend started laughing so hard I thought she was going to cry.  Needless to say, bedtime couldn't come fast enough :) 

Although things are crazy around here from time to time, we really do have a lot of fun.  I think now, our turn for being sick should be over :)
 These are just a few pictures from the last little while.  These first two are of Reese's creation.  That is butter
that she has shoved into the vacuum attachment :) and it's all over the floor.

 As part of Jac and Reese's Christmas we got rid of their crib and toddler beds and put up the bunk beds (that I have been saving since college) and got them some fun bedding.  I wish I could say this made bed time a breeze, but I can't.  I do however find Reese kissing her pillow :)

Our Family

Our Family