Friday, April 27, 2012

The End and Begining


Tara and Eric
Alli and Riley
I love this time of year.  I love the earlier mornings (even though I haven't gotten up), the longer days, the 70 degree days, working in my yard and letting my kids play outside. It is also graduation time and this year it matters because I have SO many people that I love walking. My older sister Tara and my sister-in-law Alli are graduating with their Bachelors from Dixie.  My younger brother Riley Ty is getting his associates from Dixie also.  My brother-in-law Eric recently passed all he needed to become a Paramedic and my little sister Karlee is getting her Bachelors from SUU.  I graduated college at the U in 2007 and it honestly seems so long ago :(  Before me, my sister Stef had graduated with a Bachelors and then went on to get her Masters. My parents (especially my mom) have always stressed to us how important college is.  I think because she didn't go, she wanted that opportunity for us.  I LOVED college.  I went for two years at SUU when I was 19-21 and finished up at the U when I was 23-26 and both college experiences were great.  I made memories and had experiences that I think back on often.  Jeremy (he is almost done with his Bachelors) and I talk all the time about how we want to stress the importance of going to college to our kids too. I grew a lot and learned a lot about myself during those times.  It was not always easy, but then nothing ever worth anything is.  I am so proud of my family.  I think of how crazy and hard it was and these people are doing it with spouses and families.  So even though I know most of them won't see this blog,  Good Job, and I love you all!

Our Family

Our Family