Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Fun and Puppies!

We had gone to Tuacahn for my nieces birthday. We wanted to see Santa, but as we stood in line someone cam out and hung a sign that said: "Santa will not be able to be here tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience". So we took a picture as elves and headed over to the mall to try and catch the Santa there. We paid for the pictures there and when I get them out of the car ;) I will scan them in and post them.
We just walked around the mall and window shopped and ended up in Barnes and Noble and Jac loved the Thomas the Train set the had there. He even made and friend and she called him "Honey". It was really cute.

These are some pictures I was trying to take to send out. I didn't really get a great one of the two of them looking at the camera, but these are still great.

Below are pictures of my sisters puppies. They are so stinking cute and fun to play with! They are so tiny. Their mom is only 14 lbs and their dad is only 6 lbs.


Friday, December 10, 2010

The Fun Joys...

of being a parent. I love being a mom, I just don't necessarily like all the yucky stuff that comes with it. For instance, last week I was feeding Reese and I had to sit her down and go help Jac get something and I came back and it was like everything I had feed her was now out of her and on the pillow... and then last night Jac woke up around 2am and he threw up all over the bed... (I think that was my fault though... the olives that were on our Navajo tacos were probably to old... opps). There have just been lots of nasty little problems that I could honestly do without lately.
It's totally worth it though when Jac comes up and gives me a hug and tells me he loves me and when Reese gives me a big toothless grin, but I really could do without those nasty little surprises.

It's prunes

I need to buy stock in Spray and Wash :)

Our Family

Our Family