Saturday, June 12, 2010

2 Years Old!!!

I can't believe that Jac just turned two yesterday! Just having Reese a few days ago made me think back to his birth and it seriously seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital! I sat down and looked through his pictures last night and I wanted to share some of them with you all.
He is such an amazing person. He keeps us on our toes :) So sweet and loving, yet in the blink of an eye he can be up to no good. He is repeating everything we say and loves to watch Toy Story and Cars and LOVES to give his little sister kisses... hard kisses. We have to keep a very close eye on him :)
Happy Birthday Toad, We love you!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

She is here!

Reese Pearl Christensen is finally here (and has a name) :)
Jeremy and I went into the hospital at 2am and I was given a pill (Cytotek) around 3am to induce labor. I started having contractions, but I was slowly dialating. My doctor came in around 10:45am and broke my water. The contractions became so much worse and lucky me the Anesthesiologist was in a C-section :) I had to wait for almost 2 hours for him. Then the first epidural fell out about an hour and a half after and I had to get another one! Honestly though, he did such a good job sticking me I barely noticed him doing it. I even had to ask Jeremy if he was done. I expected it to hurt more. My first experience had been a nightmare and this time really wasn't that bad. I still continued to dialate slowly and so they gave me Pitocin around 4pm and I was a 6 plus. When the nurse checked me again around 5:30pm I was a 9. Once they got everything ready my doctor (I just want to add here that I love my doctor, I think he is awesome) showed up and I pushed for about 15 minutes. I am so happy that I got an epidural :) The contractions I was having after my was broke were crazy intense.
So :) she was born at 5:54pm June 8th, weighing 8.8 pounds and was 20 inches long. I am so happy that we decided to have her induced. My doctor said he was glad we made that decision also. He said she probably would have stayed in there another week and then I could have been having almost a 10 pound baby!
She is so sweet and I can't stop looking at her!

Thank you everyone for all your love and support!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A little frustrated

Yesterday Jeremy, Jac and I went up the Cedar Canyon just a little ways and took a walk. It was such a nice day and we wanted to get out of the house and do something fun. Jac loved running up and down the trail and throwing rocks into the river. As we were coming down the mountain I needed to use the restroom so we stopped at Lins and I started having some pretty intense contractions. So we headed home and started timing them, every 3 to 5 minutes. After about an hour and a half we took Jac to my cousins house and headed to the hospital. They checked me and I was at a 2 plus which was awesome because when I went to my doctors appt. on Thursday I was not dilated at all. So they watched me for an hour and my contractions continued but weren't as intense and I hadn't changed so they sent me home. The nurse said that she thought I would be back in the morning to have this baby... The frustrating part is that here it is 9:24am and I am blogging :) I want to be having a baby :D
I know she will come when she is ready and I don't want her to come if she's not, I'm just a little bummed.

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Our Family