Thursday, July 11, 2013

Prayer For His Sister

I really do have such sweet kids.  They are rambunctious and loud and headstrong, but they are the sweetest kids I know :)  I might be a little biased though :)
Yesterday was a hot and boring day for us in the evening, so around 6pm I asked Jac and Reese if they wanted to go for a walk.  Jac immediately said yes, but Reese was laying on the floor of her room.  When I got down to ask her what was wrong she told me her "baby hurt".  To clarify: since I have a baby in my tummy, Reese has one in her tummy too.  It really is cute.  I pulled her up onto my lap and she really didn't feel warm so I asked her the natural questions, "Are you hungry? thirsty? Do you need to poop?"  Trust me, for those of you who don't have kids yet, that is a natural question when tummies hurt :)  No was  her reply to all, so I asked her if she wanted to go on a walk and she perked up a little and we proceeded outside and got the stroller.  It was a nice walk and we even stopped at a friends house and played for a little bit.  When it was time to go home Reesie wanted to walk a little with Jac, so she did for about 20 yards and then crawled back into the stroller. When we got home, I was putting the stroller away and when I looked up, Reese was throwing up all over the porch.  Poor little girl just stood there, not saying a word or crying, she just looked up at me with sad eyes.  I told her it would be okay and cleaned her up.  She said she was hungry... of course she would be, she hadn't eaten since lunch and then threw up. I hesitated a little thinking of what I could give her and luckily I had some jello in the fridge and I told the kids to sit at the table and I would get them some.  Reese laid her head down and as I was scooping up jello,  I hear Jac say:
"Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for today, that we got to go on a walk and see our friends.  My sister Reese is sick.  She threw up and doesn't feel very good.  She is a good sister and I want her to get better. Can you make her better? Thank you.  In Jesus name, Amen."
It was the sweetest little prayer I have ever heard.  Reese turned her head to him and they just looked at each other and Jac smiled. 
I am amazed by the sweet innocent faith of my children sometimes.  I know I shouldn't be, I should have that faith too, but I let my "logical" side control me a lot.  Good thing I have these two to remind me right now.  I could use a little more faith :)
Cousin Vash, Jac and Reese

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JennyJ said...

too cute. I hope Reese is feeling better and today is a good day. I could go for a walk with you sometime too. :)

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